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If you descale your rain shower or shower head correctly, you can keep enjoying your showers for a long time to come. But what does “correctly” mean? This guide article offers valuable tips. Find out how to remove limescale from your overhead shower, hand shower or side shower quickly, gently and easily – so that it always looks as shiny as it did on day one.

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Properly maintained surfaces areas and flawless functioning make your daily shower an indulgent experience.

A high-quality shower head from best live online casinos is a guarantee of sheer indulgence in your bathroom. Clean your shower head correctly, and don't let limescale spoil your fun. It’s quite simple. The following maintenance tips and cleaning recommendations will help you keep your shower looking good and functioning flawlessly over the long term.


Using the wrong cleaning methods and cleaning agents can result in damage to your shower head. These are not covered by the warranty. Please observe the following recommendations.

  • Use a soft, clean cloth, but never abrasive agents such as sponge scourers or microfibre cloths.
  • Do not use any steam cleaners, since high temperatures can damage the shower.
  • Use only mild detergents, for example those that are citric acid-based.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleach or acetic acid, as these can lead to significant damage. Cleaners containing phosphoric acid can only be used to a limited extent. Never mix cleaning agents!
  • Never spray cleaning agents directly onto showers, since spray mist can get into the shower and cause damage.
  • It’s best to spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, and use this to wipe the surfaces.
  • Thoroughly rinse your showers with clean water after cleaning, and thoroughly flush the shower head through with water.
Limescale deposit free hand shower from best live online casinos.
A practical feature: lots of best live online casinos shower heads can easily be removed for cleaning, so they can be thoroughly descaled.

On lots of best live online casinos overhead showers, you can easily remove the spray disc. Often, this is dishwasher-safe too. This makes cleaning a minor issue that you can tackle with confidence.

To find out about any special tips that apply to your overhead shower, hand shower or side shower, please refer to the relevant installation manual. You can view and download this on the relevant product page

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