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Controls in the game include a, d, s, and w for player 1 movement, b for shooting or stealing, s for pumping or blocking, and v for super shots. Arrow keys for movements and k for super shots are controls for player 2. Basketball Legend: Special Features


Basketball Legends 2020 comes with new players and more difficult game structure. Being one of the best basketball games, Basketball Legends is very joyful and entertaining with this version as well. One player and two player options are also available in this game.

Basketball Legends 2020 - Two Player Games

Basketball Legends 2020, the new game of the famous series produced by MadPuffers, is here. You can play the game either against CPU or against a friend in 2 PLAYER gaming mode! Control your player to perform awesome dunks and 3 pointers to win the game. You can find famous players of last year in this game.

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1 player controls. AD or left and right arrow keys to move; X/L to shoot/steal; S to pump/block; A+A or D+D or left/right arrow twice to dash; K/Z to super shot; 2 player controls. To move, player 1 use AD and player 2 use left and right arrow keys; To shoot/steal, player 1 use B and player 2 use L; To pump, player 1 use S and player 2 use down arrow


OWNER OF BASKETBALL LEGENDZ • Feb 13, 2019 at 16:53. thank you all for the support I will make basketball legends 2. NBA • Feb 13, 2019 at 16:20. very funny bob. ABUTTA • Feb 13, 2019 at 14:50. HI. JAIDEN GAINS • Feb 13, 2019 at 14:40. hi jaiden barney is going to get you. BONECROSSOVER • Feb 13, 2019 at 13:02


Press spacebar and control direction of the ball; Press spacebar to throw ball to boy; Press spacebar to catch the ball; Press spacebar to dunk the ball but try to hit spacebar when the indicator close to middle; Tips and Tricks. You can turn on/off sound and music; You can play in full screen


Ultimate Boxing. Play. Vex 5. Play. Basketball legends in 2021 year is among the top 10 of the most popular games in the internet gaming world. As multiplayer, you can play as 2 players with your friend or as 1 player against the computer. The game, which is one of the most popular two-player games, is really fun and a popular game.

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Basketball Legends 2020. Madpuffers 4.1 170,297 votes. Basketball Legends 2020 is the ultimate basketball game where you can play as LeBron James, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and much more, created by MadPuffers. Experience the sequel to the hit Basketball Stars game on Poki in your browser or mobile device.