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Running for Running Rugby

height concept in their rugby technique drills (tackling, rucking, mauling, etc.), some then encourage players to adopt the exact opposite posture during sprint training. Research at the University of Canberra has shown that elite rugby players tend to run with a closed, slightly slouched upper body posture with a significant forward lean.

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Accordingly, rugby players are used to running with a lower center of gravity, a more forward-leaning upper body, less knee flexion during leg recovery, less knee lift, and a shorter stride length.

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Running straight (at them!) fixes them in position. Rugby running, straigbt run. You make ground while they stay fixed in place, If you change your angle as you run towards them they have to change theirs or risk you running past. This allows you to set yourself up for a sidestep either way or for passes or dummy passes to support players.

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Watch the video and improve your rugby skills with Coca-Cola. In this session tips are given for running with a ball. Have fun and get active.

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20m mixed sprints Set out cones as shown. Players work individually through the course. They sprint to the first cone. Between the second and third cones, they decelerate until they almost stop. At the third cone they accelerate, changing direction at each of the remaining cones.

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Running Rugby Fitness Training Methods: Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) Maximal Aerobic Speed training is a great way to build you aerobic capacity for rugby. It involves determining your MAS from a 5min running test and then using it to program individual specific intervals.

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2. Running. Focus on the key running skills common to all players – acceleration, changing pace, changing direction and running efficiently sideways and backwards. Impress on the players the need to be balanced when they are running, especially just before contact situations.

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In my opinion the best way to do this is use your 3km speed, so run a timed 3km and then to get your speed you can either use the HR that you were at (should be around 85%), or you can use your average speed. Intensity: 3km Pace. Duration: Week 1 – 6 mins x 2 sets, week 2 – 5 mins x 3 sets, week 3 – 4 mins x 4 sets.